Birthday and Freak Show

Happy 77th birthday, Pops!

We went out to dinner with my folks Saturday night. Our destination, the yummy Cheesecake Factory at our Mall. Great meal, great company!

Having not been to the mall in years, perhaps a Saturday night was not the night to reassert ourselves back into "society."


It's a week away from Halloween so I don't think we were seeing costumes...

Am I correct that this is what is in style now?

* the highest heels
* skirts like tutus so short you can see a person's butt
* fish net stockings
* lots of piercings and tatoos
* spandex accentuating those "livin' large" (why, dear God, why?)

Thankfully, on this occasion, we were not treated to the ever-present plunging necklines and those who hoist/serve up their breasts like fleshy hors doevres!

Wow, I feel old.

When I was young and stupider, we got attention by wearing loudly colorful clothing and lots of cheap, plastic jewelry.

Times have changed...

See this related link - where the author asserts that a women with a good personality could dress like the Stay Puff marshmallow man and still get the attention she craves....and that prostitutes are business women who understand advertising and what sells. Ladies, is it for sale?


Nadja Magdalena said...

Oh, it is bad out there. I am so glad we live in the sticks and in TN. We see a lot less of the weird stuff out here.

I say that as one who, 30 years ago, sported colorful, spiky hair and had each ear pierce 5 times (but never my tongue, cheek or eyebrow!)

Sarah Oldham said...

As a reformed goth (I guess?) person from the 1980's . . . I feel old, too. There's more piercings today than "back then". My younger self would have been grateful not to be 'alone' in the ways of dressing goth . . . but my older self is grateful for it not being everywhere when I was doing it. Can you imagine? I think I'd have many more regrets. I wore fishnets with my dad's Army jacket (his shirt and jacket were long enough to be worn as a dress, which I did). Ahem.

But, the food. The company! I love Cheesecake Factory! I'm sure I'd love your company as well. Happy Bday to your daddy!

Impatient Griselda said...

That's what we call "empowerment" and "self-expression." The really sad thing is that it's a uniform every bit as much as polos/chinos, etc.

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Christine said...

Birthday Blessings to your Dad!

It is a crazy world we live in!

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