Our Homeschool Group Annual Kick-off Field Trip

8:38 PM
For the 3rd year, our homeschool group has enjoyed a day at this farm.

So much ingenuity here and it gets the kids imaginations working.

The teens made it through the huge corn maze in record time and the younger kids wore themselves out with all the other fun.

Even the Dads enjoy it! A great way to start the school year....


Christine said...

I grew up on a farm. Space, fresh air and critters...does a family good.

"simple kind of life"

Gardenia said...

well this may sound silly but hearing that John Denver song (from way back, which is my growing up years) and seeing your childrens' smiles and sliding and jumping, just brought tears to my eyes. the part: "if I could give you a day, I've give you one just like today" is so true -- a Mama's love just wants their children to have every day be a perfect day, and that sure was a perfect day! jeepers, that video is just so joyful!

+JMJ+ said...

Gardenia, you and I must be kindred spirits. John Denver can make me cry too!

Christine I love the look of that farm life and all the amish farms we pass, but I know it must be SUPER hard work and my kids complain about the smell....sissys!

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