Our First Week of Year 5

And so YEAR FIVE of homeschooling has begun...

Here are some pictures from our first week -

We've enjoyed mild weather and nature days.
We've sung Happy Birthday to the Blessed Mother on September 8th.

Our youngest is a "grader," starting 1st grade with MotherOfDivineGrace.org !

Here she is using Math U See

And our youngest son is in 4th grade of MODG.

Our older sons are in 8th and 10th grades.

I'm looking forward to sharing what we are using and impressions as we get further into the curriculum. Also, I will photographs the schoolroom.

But, for now, I will say that prayer really adds graces to the day...

Prayer for Homeschoolers

Dear Lord, bless me in my decision to homeschool my children. Grant me the grace of peace and determination in this awesome endeavor. Lead me to the proper materials for the instruction each of my children, so that their individual talents and skills will be nurtured and they will grow in intelligence to the fullness of their abilities. Give me the strength to persevere when the weight of being teacher, mother, wife, and housekeeper seems too much to bear. Help me to maintain my household and family school, knowing that there will be times when one or both may seem to suffer, but confident that you will assist me in restoring harmony to both in good time. Allow me the contentment of heart and knowledge that the proper formation of my children's minds holds importance far above many of the callings of this world. Bestow on me courage to overcome the criticisms of those who disagree with me in this effort, keeping ever mindful that the growing of my children in knowledge and grace will be for your glory, and the trials I must endure are for my personal sanctification.


Jamie Jo said...

That prayer is beautiful!! I SO needed that last week! It brought tears to my eyes.

The first 2 days were great, the last 2 not so great!!

+JMJ+ said...

Same here, Jamie Jo!

But being honest with myself, I could have been less distracted and more on my game.

My first day was marked with prayer and focus and I've been less so...

Gotta set the tone better next week...tomorrow...we go to the corn maze! :)

Lisa said...

I, too, love that prayer! I am going to print it out and say it every morning!

Enjoy the corn maize tomorrow! My kids have CCD on Thursday afternoons, so I know we would never make it back in time, otherwise we would definitely join you.

Gardenia said...

what a beautiful prayer. Lovely photos of your children and the kick off to the new year. Prayer definitely impacts the day when begun as we wake!

Mom2Seven said...

Wonderful pictures! We have begun our 16th year of homeschooling! I find that hard to believe... I was so scared when we began all those years ago! One of the best decisions I ever made, but I still get scared at times! ;) +JMJ+

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