Expressing Ourselves ....?!

I've been thinking about how we express ourselves.

It started after watching the children work on drawings, some that just came forth from them...

... some that were directed.

Sometimes we express ourselves in a spontaneous way and sometimes we express ourselves in response, from a stimulus and in a more premeditated way. Does one reflect the "real" us more? Or aren't we a composite of all the ways we express ourselves?

In those dreamy moments when the house gets quiet suddenly you know that imaginations are at work, expression is blooming.

Those are magic moments and they are often preceeded by quiet. Like my children, who are engaged in their true selves at those moments, their most creative, I too find myself able to think and write/create as well in the fullness of silence.

We need those we need punctuation. A moment to pause, to question, to create something that excites our mental juices and frames our expression. When I think back on these expressions, born of quietude, they have a goodness to them. I'm fairly certain that no one is going to argue over my children's drawings or contemplative play. Then I think of other expressions, words that are spoken or written. Different expressions.

As we speak them and write them, we may be surprised by the expression they provoke from others. Would we have less arguments if all we could do was draw?

I wouldn't want to lose the words spoken or put to paper. It's part of us and our expression. In it's best form it is the quiet prayer, one to one with God. That is an expression that shouldn't offend. Perhaps that expression of words is the "safest" way to communicate. For in speaking to God, He knows our heart and wants it expressed to Him. Our maker is perfect, us, are not.

I've seen a lot of imperfect communication lately. People get angry so easily. It's the other reason I've recently been thinking about expression. When it is good and true and beautiful and when it is not....

While I am sure that I'll stay in the fray, continue to respond to stimulus and be imperfect, speak imperfectly, write imperfectly I am also drawn to thinking about The Word...and The Word was God. Expressing myself to Him will bring ultimate satisfaction and I should do more of it. Prayer never fails....

As with my children's art, I am not looking for perfection. They try, often finding delight...sometimes frustration. But it exudes from their true selves and so I enjoy their expression.

What of my human role model for expression....Mary, my Mother? She pondered quietly in her heart. (Not so many words from her or St. Joseph, but never was it known that anyone who fled to their protection was left unaided...)

My Heavenly Father awaits and enjoys the expression of my tryings and my frustrations ...but, He wants me to be perfect.

It is hard.

So I'll pray more....


Kathleen's Catholic said...

Boy, I haven't been expressing myself very well (lovingly) to my loved ones these days, and, you know, I knew that instinctively. Thanks for this, Allison. This is beautifully expressed.

God bless.

Gardenia said...

this is a lovely meditation. makes us all think and, hopefully, pray more.

+JMJ+ said...

You're both so sweet. I'm not sure I was very clear in what I was thinking and trying to "express." But it was helpful for me to think it thru as I wrote. Sometimes when I do that things become clearer to me.

From this I learned that I needed to have more dialogue expressing myself to God. He's not likely to turn it into a fight like some of the blogs did recently on the topic of modesty and feminine dress...sheesh...

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