Vulgarity - From the Crass to the Profane

It doesn't make a person look intelligent...

It doesn't make a person look like a level-headed master of their emotions...

In no way would it make a person be described as elegant or dignified...

Perhaps the term "good breeding" is old fashioned... so, does it incur pride on how one was raised...


Rather, the one who curses usually looks ugly...wild eyed...contorted and twisted and spittled.

Most unbecoming of a real gentleman...certainly of a lady. Where has gentility gone? Vulgarity is tolerated like the petulant child pulling on our sleeve, that we give in to....

I often find myself not behaving in a way that Our Lady would. I can be crass. I need to ask myself...Would Mary act like this? Would Joseph act like this? It's embarrassing and I hope that whenever I or my children hear cursing that we find it abrasive and repulsive. Let it not become common to us, Lord. May the Holy Family guide us in presenting ourselves without blemish and not succumbing to the sinful, uncouthness of our age.

The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it. ~George Washington

Nothing is greater or more fearful sacrilege than to prostitute the great name of God to the petulancy of an idle tongue. ~Jeremy Taylor

“Profanity is the weapon of the witless”

“Profanity is the common crutch of the conversational cripple.”

“When a man uses profanity to support an argument, it indicates that either the man or the argument is weak - probably both”

“Profanity is the attempt of a lazy and feeble mind to express itself forcefully”

Did you know The Divine Praises are an Act of Reparation for Profane Language?

It was composed in a slightly shorter form by Luigi Felici, a Jesuit priest, in 1797, as a prayer to make reparation for blasphemy and profane language. You can recite it privately (or in group settings other than during the Benediction) for this purpose as a great way to show God, the Holy Family, and the Angels and Saints thanksgiving and praise.

Blessed be God.
Blessed be His Holy Name.
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.
Blessed be the Name of Jesus.
Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart.
Blessed be His Most Precious Blood.
Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.
Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy.
Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate Conception.
Blessed be her Glorious Assumption.
Blessed be the name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.
Blessed be St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse.Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints. Amen.

In an era when many people only refer to our Lord in an exclamatory fashion after some sort of accident, it is good for us to sing His Divine Praises here. As we say in the introduction to the Eucharistic prayer at Mass “it is right to give Him thanks and praise!”

Saint Thomas Aquinas once noted that this can increase the fervor of our devotion to Him, and that thus “we praise God not for His benefit but for ours.” This prayer reminds us of the glories of the Trinity, and of the key role our Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and the Angels and saints have played in our salvation as well.

When you hear someone take the Lord's name in vain, bless yourself and say, "Blessed be His Holy Name."


Kathleen's Catholic said...

Excellent. Thanks!

Laura O said...

I LOVE this post! For years, I've tried sharing that profanity is not where the boys' mouths should head when frustrated or angry.

I think I just might make a laminated copy of The Blessed Praises and have them say this each time they choose to utter something profane. It can't be any less effective than soap in the mouth ;o)

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks Kathleen and Laura.

Laura, I was just printing out some scripture for my youngest song to have to write out as cursive practice for when he complains, Phillipians 2:14 and 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, also Titus 2:12...and now I am really liking your idea about the Divine Praises!! Good one and thanks!

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

I agree... an excellent post! I also like the idea of the laminate card of the Divine Praises! Have a nice evening. +JMJ+

Gardenia said...

I enjoyed your post. the part about reflecting, would Mary have acted the way I just acted? would Joseph? I do need to reflect on that more but BEFORE I act so they can direct my actions.

TuckerMomof3 said...

My father used to say that smart people can find better ways to express themselves. It's ironic that he the very same man used words like SOB and J.C. left and right. Glad I learned by his words and not his example. This not only is awful and makes me cringe but has torn our family apart. I no longer visit b/c his language is obsene!

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