Guilty of a few of these....

3:33 PM
The Seventeen Evidences of a Lack of Humility

1. To think that what one says or does is better than what others say or do

2. To always to want to get your own way

3. To argue with stubbornness and bad manners whether you are right or wrong

4. To give your opinion when it has not been requested or when charity does
not demand it

5. To look down on another's point of view

6. Not to look on your gifts and abilities as lent

7. Not to recognize that you are unworthy of all honors and esteem, not even of
the earth you walk on and things you possess

8. To use yourself as an example in conversations

9. To speak badly of yourself so that others will think well of you or contradict

10. To excuse yourself when you are corrected

11. To hide humiliating faults from your spiritual director, so that he will not
change the impression he has of you

12. To take pleasure in praise and compliments

13. To be saddened because others are held in higher esteem

14. To refuse to perform inferior tasks

15. To seek to stand out

16. To refer in conversation to your honesty, genius, dexterity, or professional

17. To be ashamed because you lack certain goods


Elizabeth said...

Talk about convicting...
mea culpa

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this list. I'm guilty of many. I'll be printing this out and hopefully learning from the errors of my ways.

Jamie Jo said...


I, too, will be printing this out!

Thanks for posting!

Laura said...

A friend of mine handed them out to all of us in our formation group one week. It is a very humbling list...

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

Yeah, I see myself in this list more than I would like. Thanks for posting! Have a good evening! +JMJ+

Sarah Oldham said...

mea cupla is right! YIKES!

Tabatha said...

Guilty of so many! Thank you for posting this!

Suzanne said...

Ouch. Thank you!

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