The ABCs of Character

12:17 PM

Christian Character ABCs
by Joy Marie Dunlap

A is for Alertness, being careful to see
Things which could hurt others, and which might tempt me.

B is for Benevolence when the things that I do
Are for the good of others, and to God's Word I'm true.

C is for Courage to do what is right,
When in trials we walk by faith, not by sight.

D is for Diligence, when I work with a will,
And if the job is not done yet, I keep working still.

E is for Endurance, with my eyes fixed on Him,
And the joy set before me, my resolve must never dim.

F is for Faithfulness, when I do heartily
All the good in my power, which God has for me.

G is for Gratefulness, not forgetting the ways,
In which God has done good to me all of my days.

H is for Honesty, saying only what is true,
And not deceiving by the things that I do.

I is for Integrity, when people can see,
Because my heart is sincere, that they can trust me.

J is for Joy, that contentment of heart,
That comes from obeying and doing my part.

K is for Kindness, when we are careful to treat,
As well-loved by our Father, all those whom we meet.

L is for Love, when I'm patient and kind,
And do my best good for others each chance that I find.

M is for Meekness when I take last place,
When I'd rather honor others than save my own face.

N is for Neatness, keeping all that is mine,
From being a distraction and taking people's time.

O is for Obedience, when Jesus is Lord,
And my life is all His, I obey all His Word.

P is for Patience, when I'm willing to wait,
Because I have faith that God's timing's not late.

Q is for Quietness when my heart is at peace,
It comes when my own wants and plans I release.

R is for Resourcefulness, when I creatively use
What God has given me, contentment I choose.

S is for Sincerity, when people can see,
That my motives are pure; I'm not living for me.

T is for Temperance, when my senses don't reign,
As I enjoy in moderation God's blessings and gain.

U is for Unity, when God's heart we share,
We serve Him together and each other's burdens bear.

V is for Virtue when my life is a light,
Because obeying God's Word is my chief delight.

W is for Wisdom, seeing things through God's eyes,
When I study God's Word, that's how I become wise.

X is for eXcellence in all that I do,
As unto the Lord, His own plans to pursue.

Y is for Yielding to God's perfect will,
Giving up all my own plans, His plans to fulfill.

Z is for Zeal, sincere eagerness to
Make life count for God's kingdom in all that I do.

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