There's a New Squirrel in town ~ Flat Stanley

We have many squirrelly visitors and we've named many of them. There's Squirrelious Caesar, Crassus, Pretty Girl, Big Belly, Poopie-on-the-Grill, Big Ears, Pirate, the late, great Chitty-Chitty Bang- Bang and C.C.B.B.2, Twitchy and Boozer.
This new guy has earned the name FLAT Stanley.

He's always spread out flat, sunbathing!

It could be worse....they could be armed....
....and dangerous!


Gardenia said...

love it !!!

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

Hahahahaha! I used to buy squirrel food for our squirrels... they were almost tame. However, when our next door neighbor told my husband he had squirrels in his attic, I stopped. My husband did not "tell on me," but I figured I better stop! :-)

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