Bottle Rockets, Bonfires....

Battle Star Gallactica?!

Scenes from a evening spent celebrating the beginning of summer vacation!

My 2nd son discovered bottle rockets recently and thinks he's found his calling. It's metaphorical how much he "lights up" over explosives!

Since I was dating my husband he has always entertained my family with is "coffee house" guitar repertoire. Now, my children love to hear him play and sing. My oldest also plays the guitar and my 2nd has a love for Warren Zevon and The Eagles that seems incongruous with his age....

Love evenings like this and I hope my children will always hold the memory of them as dear as I do.


Laura O said...

P is now wanting to know how the boys did the bottle rocket.

It looks like your family is off to a great start to the summer with loads of memories being formed.

Gardenia said...

aren't summers wonderful? what a peaceful night you all were having around the campfire with the music from the guitar.

Jenny said...

That looks like so much fun! Bottle Rockets are now illegal here, but as a kid we enjoyed them.

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