'Tube Tuesday ~ KITE

"Life should be fragrant...rooftop to the basement"

I was 16 years old, sitting in my basement watching this brand new thing called MTV and U2 came on singing Gloria. I was Bono's after that.

Favorite band? It will always be Bono and U2 for me.

The music and lyrics have spiritual connections and I luved hearing those deeper thoughts explored and put out in to the mainstream. I admire Bono for his humanitarian efforts and his poetic, charismatic turn of a phrase. I pray that those impulses lead him to the faith of his fathers.

In the Soundtrack Of My Life there are songs from every U2 album and memories attached to them. This one... the birth of my 3rd son in September of 2001.

Every labor I would make a birth tape, an eclectic bunch of songs and wonder what each child would be born to. It was this song for my "high-flyin' KITE" of a 3rd son.


Cecilia said...

Oh.. I just love U2.. they are my all time favorite thanks to my older brothers.. I actually was able to touch Bono's hand at a concert in S.Florida and a week before my wedding my brother takes me to see U2. I would love to see them again live!

Sarah Oldham said...

The song I always connect to them is "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For". I was listening to it on my Walkman (what is that? LOL!) and ready to cross a street in Seattle. The light was green, meaning I could cross. BUT a bus coming from the other direction decided to run the red and barely stopped before it ran me over. I had literally turned, put my hand up and said, "Jesus" and the bus stopped (my palm against the front of the bus). The driver was frozen in fear and several passengers that were standing, toppled forward onto the floor toward the front of the bus. I walked to the office (another twenty blocks) completely stunned.

Love U2.

Renee said...

What a lovely post! There is an emotional heart tug along with plenty of nostalgia. I guess U2 was on the rise when I had a house full of children, so I think I missed the bus, all except for the same song Sarah mentioned above, a song I used to bike to on my 12mile daily trek. Love creating your own music for labor and knowing which exact song held meaning with the birth of a child while it was playing. Wow. Lovely. I think one of my sons is happy I didn't have a fav CD at the time with me, from the "Fine Young Cannibals"...LOL Good thing. Hugs!

+JMJ+ said...

That is a definitive song, I agree. LUV it. You're right you can't help but think of that song when you mention U2.

Renee - I am sure there were plenty of songs my kids would be happy they were not born to, as I have some strange taste in music and like the Fine Young Cannibals, too.

Cec, I can't believe you touched Bono!

Kathleen's Catholic said...

KITE makes me cry everytime, and my kids wonder: What's up with Mom? Our kids grew up listening to U2.

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