When I Think I Can't

When I think I can't, I remember this quote and these examples...

Noah was a Drunk
Elijah was Suicidal
Peter was a Coward
Jacob was a Deceiver
Rahab was a Prostitute
Samson was a Womanizer
Moses had a Self-esteem problem
David was an Adulterer/Murderer
The Samaritan Woman was Divorced (a lot)

With God, all things are possible...


Kathleen's Catholic said...

Thanks for this Allison! Sooo true!

Sarah Oldham said...

Yes, they were all a bunch of fine baskets of fruit, weren't they? Good company to be in, definitely!!! Whatever is trying to vex you, hit it with the sword of Truth!

Annita, Mom2Seven said...

I actually needed to see this list today! Thanks!!!

Gardenia said...

Some of these I didn't know. thank for you this list. We're not perfect; just forgiven.

Jamie Jo said...

Boy that sure puts things into perspective, doesn't it? Thanks!

And you CAN!

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