Taking Christ to the Streets

Divine Mercy Sunday we travelled to a historic registry church in the city. The Polish pastor there makes Divine Mercy Sunday so special. He organizes a rosary, Benediction, sung Divine Mercy Chaplet and city block procession with a Divine Mercy statue in front and a St. Michael statue at the end. Afterwards, that is followed by Mass.

There something about taking Christ to the streets. While moving certainly, there is a vulnerable aspect too. Sometimes the onlookers resemble the Via Crucis and like those moments towards Golgotha the evil one's presence is noticed...


From our seats this image called to be captured. His Divine Mercy blessing on the Pastor, the guest Priest, the Seminarian, the Deacon....

God bless our dear Fathers, both special gifts to our Diocese. They bring us Christ and model sacrifice.


Nadja Magdalena said...

The Fathers of Mercy at the Chapel of Divine Mercy in South Union, KY made a real day of it as well!

Lovely photos...I long to take some of the Extraordinary Rite in Horse Cave, KY, but I feel self conscious pulling out a camera during the Liturgy. How do you go about it?

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Nadja!

My camera can go completely silent, not even the sound of a shutter. NOTHING. Also, I never use a flash at Mass and rarely indoors...just don't like the lighting that way and would think it so intrusive if done at Mass.

For historian purposes, I think we should have these images of our beautiful liturgies or they won't be there for future generations to view. I know whenever I see a photo of an old Mass and all it's sumptiousness, that we are sadly missing so often today, I am so grateful for the existence of those images to connect our faith in time.

In those ways and for those purposes I think images can be taken in reverence.

Therese said...

What beautiful images! Thank you for sharing them! I too love looking at the old images as well!

Christine said...

I never really gave it much thought about capturing special moments like these during Mass.

Very special.


Thanks for sharing.

Dale said...

Inspiring photos! Thank God every day for the rare treasure you have in the Latin Mass. May God bless you and you family!

Gardenia said...

so beautiful. truly a testament to love of Christ, to walk the streets.

Kristyn said...

Wow... a beautiful day, I am sure. One of my favorite thing about being Catholic is the processions. I am glad our parish has them from time to time.
God bless your weekend.

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