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as recommended by a friend and found in THIS gem written in 1900.

A rule of life is of the greatest importance for every Catholic to
persevere and grow in virtue, and to obtain the perfection of his state
of life.

It consists principally of these points :

1. ON AWAKING in the morning bless yourself with the sign of the
cross, and offer up the coming day to God. Arise at once when it is
time to do so, and whilst dressing yourself modestly dwell in thought on
the presence of God.

Bless yourself with holy water and say your
MORNING PRAYERS devoutly. Never go to work without having first
said your prayers ; for everything depends on the blessing of God.
Renew your good intention and firm purpose of avoiding all sin,
especially your characteristic fault, and of doing and suffering every
thing for the love of God. Try to assist daily at holy Mass if it is
possible, and if you cannot do so, assist at least in spirit at all the holy
Masses which are being said during the day.

2. You can attain the perfection of your state of life and grow rich
in merit without performing great and extraordinary works, but never
without doing the duties of your state of life and calling according to
the will of God. Therefore go to your daily work after having said
your morning prayers, and do it for the honor of God, ever mindful of
the words of the Apostle, " whether you eat or drink, or whatsoever else
you do, do all to the glory of God " (1 Cor. 10 : 31).

If your work grows hard and irksome, RENEW YOUR GOOD INTENTION
every now and then by saying : u O my God, I offer up my work to Thee ! "
" My Jesus, I shall toil for love of Thee ; for Thou hast done much more for me."
Try to do your work well, and with as much care as you can ; for it is
GOD Whom you serve, and work is the lot of man since sin entered into
this world. "In the sweat of thy brow thou shalt eat bread." Shun
idleness, for it is the root of many sins.

3. Sanctify YOUR MEALS. Do not sit down to table without prayer to
Him from Whom all good things come. Be temperate and moderate at
your meals, and do not forget to give thanks to God, Who has again
given you a proof of His fatherly affection.

4. Take your necessary RELAXATION in order to gain new strength
for the service of God. Avoid untimely and prolonged recreation, and
shun especially everything that is dangerous, coarse, or immodest.
Never forget that God is near you and sees everything also during your
hours of relaxation.

5. Be friendly in your CONVERSATION : carefully avoid speaking ill of
others, never tell a lie, and shun every word that is against charity, or
faith, or chastity. Be very prudent in your choice of companions, and
keep away from all company and amusements that might endanger
your soul.

6. If AFFLICTION befalls you, remember that it is God Who sends or
permits it ; take it in the spirit of penance, and with resignation to the
will of God, say with Jesus : " The chalice which My Father hath given
Me, shall I not drink it?" (John 18 : 11) ; "Father, not My will, but
Thine be done " (Luke 22 : 42).

7. As you cannot enter heaven or ever gain the least merit for
heaven in the state of mortal sin, be most anxious to REMAIN IN THE
STATE OF GRACE. Frequent confession and communion is the best
means to preserve it. Therefore, make up your mind to go to the
sacraments REGULARLY and at STATED TIMES. Should you ever be so
unhappy as to fall into mortal sin, make at once an act of perfect con
trition and go to confession as soon as you can.

for the service of God and for the welfare of your immortal soul.

9. Never retire at night without having said your EVENING PRAYERS.
In doing so give thanks to God for all the graces and blessings He has
bestowed upon you during the past day. Examine your conscience,
and make an act of contrition for the sins you may have committed.
Ask God to protect you during the night and, as you did in the morn
ing, invoke the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, of your guardian
angel, and of your patron saint. Be very modest whilst undressing,
bless yourself with the sign of the cross, and try to fall asleep with
pious thoughts in your mind.


Christine said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing.

Jamie Jo said...

That was good. I love reading things like this, simple, black and white truths.

Laura said...

That was wonderful. This should be hanging in everyone's house! Thanks for sharing it.
God Bless.

Impatient Griselda said...

Perfect! What a concise, coherent way to orient one's day in prayer: aiming for holiness in all things.

Christine said...

I really needed this today. More prayer time and less going crazy about trying to shop!!

Kristyn said...

What a gem! I am printing this. :)

Kathleen's Catholic said...

It struck me while reading this that we are so blessed as Catholics to have such loving instruction for the betterment of our own souls. All for our own good and all given to us out of complete love. Our Faith certainly doesn't leave us hanging, baffled about what to do with our daily lives. Just awesome! Thanks for posting this!

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