Fr. Nels Gjengdahl

If my boys are called by God to the priesthood, and we would be so honored if they were, I imagine they'd be much like this hockey-lovin', video gaming Priest.

Do you skate, Father? Because there are some boys here who'd like some ice time with you!

We're praying for our priests. God bless them!


A. L. Jagoe said...

I am delighted to have found this splendid site which I will recommend to our readers. Let's keep in touch!
Armiger Jagoe, editor
The Joyful Catholic

Sarah said...

Thanks for passing this along, JMJ! Very cool video! My kids liked it, too =) We're actually in the same archdiocese as Father ... I thought I recognized the inside of that church =)

Kathleen's Catholic said...

Awesome Allison! Our new bishop at the Allentown Diocese is going full force encouraging vocations. He's young and full of energy. Just gave a basketball clinic to CYO; former player for Princeton U. Maybe I can forward your post to diocese. Thanks for posting this! My boys liked it, too.

Sarah Oldham said...

This is truly a gem! Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might enjoy this clip of Fr. getting to try out St. Paul's Red Bull Crashed Ice last winter!

Allison said...

My hickey lovin' boys stumbled upon Fr. Nels and loved him! He was kind enough to accept my friend request on FB and so I have seen this video from the time he participated. I hope others watch it, too.

God bless this joyful, vibrant Priest!

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