All for Jesus, through Mary

The music is not even necessary.

Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord convey ALL without words.

I'm going on day two of my daughter sleeping over at my parent's home. It is her first time and she is loving it as her little girl cousins are there with her, a house full of girls instead of our boyworld.


In fact, it physically hurts. For 5 and a half years I have kissed her every night as she sleeps...her sweaty head...and she smiles as I do so in her sleep.

She is always near me. She is always kissing and hugging me and chatting with me and I am going through withdrawal. And I can't stop bursting out in dramatic agony, "My daughter!"

The boys have stopped thinking it's funny.

And it's not funny. Deep inside I know I need more faith. I see these images of Our Blessed Mother and the depth of her suffering for her Child and her faith shames me. God brings us these revelations about's more than just my love for my daughter. I can see that now.

I pray that Our Lady wraps me in her mantle and I learn from her strength and faith. I understand what it means to go to her, like a child. Yes, she is so Motherly and capable in all the areas I am not. Guide me dear Mother. Mother me tenderly and bring me to such love and trust in your Son, my Lord and Saviour.

Holy week begins and already it is emotional....may it be blessed for us all.


Kathleen's Catholic said...

This is beautiful, Allison. I have a hard time getting through the sorrowful mysteries when I pray Mary's rosary. What she must have gone through I cannot fathom. Thank you!

Kathy said...

I will offer my mothers prayer for you. I know how you feel. Thank you for the video.


Nadja Magdalena said...

My two girls are 10 years apart, and I do cling so to my baby daughter. She has been ill a lot this Lent, and a few nights ago when I was agonizing over yet another fever of hers, I was asking the Lord, "Why not me? Why my child?" and in an instant I could hear His voice in my heart: "Your child? Yours?", and I knew that my children are more His than mine, and that He created the life that will live forever in them, and that He loves them even more than I. Still, my heart cleaves to my little girl, and her every tear causes me pain. How much more our blessed Mother for Our Lord!

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks friends!

Nadja that was so perfectly and poignantly said and God DOES teach us through these moments.

Hope your baby is all better now. We are so thrilled to have our darling home. My husband said his heart is at peace now.

God bless you all for the support.

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