Tonight, in Canada...2010 Winter Olympics

I am thinking about the 2010 Winter Olympics that start tonight.

It brings back many memories of past olympics and memorable moments...

I always loved the figure skaters. Katerina Witt was such a beauty. How about the drama of Kerrigan and Tanya Harding? Do you hold your breath during the jumps. I remember hearing how Tara Lipinski was devoted to St. Therese, the Little Flower. Would love to hear more about Catholic Olympic athletes, like Rebecca Dussault.

In the wonderful book, Victory from Defeat, which could be used by homeschoolers as a wonderful tool for discussing character, I remember reading about Olympic speed skater, Dan Jansen to my older boys. Who could forget his agony of defeat, his falls, his sister's death and how he just didn't give up?! Inspiring.

Remember Italian skiier Tomba the Bomba? Eddie the Eagle?

Then, there are the events like Luge and Jamaican Bobsled and Curling that seem so foreign, but cool! Of course, my gang is hoping for another, "Do you believe in miracles??!!"

The athlete's fortitude that marks their backstories added to the promise of seeing many nations coming together is part of why I enjoy the Olympics and look forward to sharing them with my children. That....and, we love Canada!

What are your memories?

Looking forward to being awed.

Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, pray for the atheletes....


Gardenia said...

I loved watching the olympics growing up too, and as an adult as well. I loved the 1972 summer games of the marathon wins by Mark Spitz (I know this disclosure might date me); also the very skinny track star man who wore that little brown hat in all his long distance races -- can't rememebr his name or the year. I do love the figure skating competition, but think some of the categories now are a bit overdone (pair skating -- which I loved -- turned into ice dancing which is a bit much). Just give me the women's skate and the pairs dancing and I'm happy. and I love the bobsledding. I watched the 1980 hockey game you videoed, a real clincher -- my brothers --veteran hockety players -- were in high school at the time. and rememebr watching the olympics where there were terrorists with machine guns on the roof tops of the olympic dorms. was it the sarayeivo oolympics. can't recall. trying to rememeber where that was.

Jen said...

We love watching the Olympics at our house too! Our dream is to attend one day. Next winter Olympics are in Russia and we would love to be able to take our Russian born boys to experience the Olympics in their birth country.

+JMJ+ said...


I loved the whales swimming effect and the slam poetry guy.

Filled with tears on many occasions.

Sarah McLaughlin and Katy Lang sang beautifully.

What were your impressions?

Anonymous said...

Like Gardenia, I remember Mark Spitz winning. I remember Nadia Comaneci, and her floor routine set to what is now the theme for "All My Children." (she and I are the exact same age) Mostly, I remember the Hockey game. Believe me when I tell you that every Minnesotan was glued in front of the TV watching the game - that was OUR coach and those were OUR players. THAT was an Olympic event to remember!!!

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