Color me here!

3:27 PM

After 10 years of living in our house, we were finally able to have it painted.

It kinda took over my life. :)

First, *we* painted the room that my dear Nana's living room furniture now occupies. That small room took us a week, with all the prep. Seeing some color in our house, we could more acutely see how much it was lacking in other areas. Ten years of dinged up walls were showing their shabbiness in comparison.

In a blitzkrieg event, a wonderful painter came into our house and in 2 days his crew finished it all. All the high, cathedral spots and more....Astounding!

Much precedes and follows that event, in reality. We had to take everything off the walls and table tops. Much was moved into boxes. For 2 days it felt like we lived in a tent city covered in plastic with no where to sit. After we resumed our home, we had many days of hanging things back up and cleaning. Our recommitment to our "Domestic Church" reminds me of our life before children. When we were first married in 1991 we called our work on beautifying our home the Pride-In-The-Home-Campaign!

We're there again!

These walls feel like home again, only more colorful. Yes, color does warm a place and we're getting used to it. Often a fresh start reinvigorates, doesn't it?

While I was unpacking boxes, I ran across some of my old journals. I am looking forward to reading through them. I bet'll I'll cringe at much of it. But, I might find some of my favorite quotes that I wrote down over the years worth sharing. Whenever I read a quote that I liked I tried to capture it by putting it in a journal. Should be interesting to see if I still find them to be worthwhile.....

My blog needs a fresh start too. Amongst the boxed up books I found myself drawn to two from long ago as I was sliding them back into shelves. One was filled with great questions called LEGACY and guides you in writing about your life. The other also has potential for blog posts, LIST YOUR SELF. Sounds like memes galore there. I intend to use their prompts for future posts and hope you'll join in.

Finally, it is my prayer for myself and all of us that we have beauty and color in our lives that lifts our minds in gratitude to The Divine Artist and Creator, awakening in us a renewal of faith.


Sarah - Kala said...

I have List Yourself. I got half way done with it. You ought to do a meme with them. I'd play!

Therese said...

I'd play too! What a lovely post, Allison!

Jenny said...

I've been wondering where you have been. So happy to hear this was a "happily busy" quiet. We need to paint too. I absolutely hate prep & clean up, but love painting.

Sarah said...

I am glad you are enjoying your "fresh start." I'd love to see photos of your newly, painted rooms ...

Jamie Jo said...

I want to see that new paint too!

I so want to paint our living room, it's calling out to me every time I sit down to nurse, "paint me" "paint me!" They are a dull tan right now and I want a rusty-reddish something, I just don't have time right now!

I love to paint, it does refresh everything!

Can't wait to see your new posts, but I like everything from you!

+JMJ+ said...

Jamie JO? LUV the name change.

You might like a Sherwin Williams color they painted my husband's den/office. It turned out so nicely....FLOWERPOT

I'll try to take a picture, too.

Christine said...

SO that's what you have been up too!

Thinking of you and figured maybe some huge project was brewing or a vacation took you away.

Good for you and your family! Enjoy your heavenly colorful surroundings.

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