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A Christmas Prayer

On that Holy night
It happened.

God took a handful of humanity:
Proud, petulant, passionate;
And a handful of divinity:
Undivided, inexpressible, incomprehensible:
And enclosed them in on small body.

Somehow, the all too human
Touched the divine,
And was not vaporized.
To be human was never the smae,
But forever thereafter,
Carried a hint of its close encounter with the perfect.
And forever thereafter,
God was never the same,
But carried a hint of the passion of the mortal.

If God can lie down in a cattle-trough,
Is any object safe from transformation?
If peasant girls can be mothers to God, Is any life safe from the invasion of the eternal?
If all this could happen, O God,
What places of darkness on our earth
Are pregnant with light waiting to be born this night?

If all this could happen, O God,
Then you could be, and are, anywhere, everywhere,
Waiting to be born this night in the most unbelievable places,
Perhaps even in our own hearts. Amen.

~ Ian Oliver

Merry First Day of Christmas and may each day be a joyous reminder to you of Christ's birth and its meaning.

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Sarah said...

Merry Christmas to you and your entire family!

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