Virgin Mary's "Choice" ?

She was conceived WITHOUT sin.

An Angel - which means "messenger of God" - delivered a message FROM God calling her FULL OF GRACE.

How full is full?

Mary knew she could be STONED TO DEATH if found with child by someone other than her bethrothed, Joseph.

Mary was about 14 at the time.

Joseph could have left her (and in fact he thought about divorcing her).

And her CHOICE???

Fiat. "Be it done unto me according to thy word." YES.

She was chosen, predestined, the new Eve. Full of Grace, without sin and handpicked by God the Father to be the perfect vessel for God the Son to dwell in...

AND SHE CHOSE LIFE within her, no matter the cost.

God's will.

God's plan.

She seems pretty blessed by God to me, very honored...certainly someone whose example we should follow!


Therese said...

Wow! So well said!!!

Gae said...

This is beautiful and so inspiring. I am always humbled when I think of this. I wonder Would I be willing to sacrifice like Our Lady did knowing what she knew of her society and the opinions?
I wonder would I be willing to sacrifice all for Our Lord.
Thank you fro posting this as I said it is thougth provoking.
God Bless

Dawn said...

The kids and I were just talking about this. The fact that Adam and Eve "chose" their physical life over their eternal life. Mary, too, was in the same position of fear, as to the the very real loss of her physical life, but she did make the right choice. She chose Eternal life and changed the world for all of us. Awesome! Thanks for the post!

Ashley said...


Jamie said...

Beautiful, that could go on your Christmas card!!

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