Mother Mary ~ I Shall Not Walk Alone

Following Mary's Magnificat

"The humility of Mary and her trustful awaiting everything from God is like a road sign for us who are TRAVELING on the path to holiness or following a program of interior life. [...] It is recommended that everyone imitate this attitude."(Open Wide the Door to Christ, pg. 195)

After reading this email this morning, it connected so amazingly to a song running through my head. I had been think of Mary and her journey...wanting to savor more of Advent. I was looking for and watching many of my favorite Christmas songs on YouTube. (I think I'll post them soon, too.) In doing so, I came back to a group that I had heard of a long time ago, when they were on 60 minutes.

The Blind Boys of Alabama.

In cycling through many of their YouTube videos, I came upon their collaboration with another artist, Ben Harper. The following song is just one of the ones stuck in my head from their collaborative videos. The Bob Dylan cover of Well, Well, Well is another. I REALLY like Ben Harper... and with the Blind Boys....a spiritual connection explodes forth.

The soul-fullness just entrances me. I don't think you can watch this without being moved...

I'll be singing about Mother Mary today, knowing that I Shall Not Walk Alone on this journey.

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Jamie said...

That was very beautiful. Thank you, I shall be singing about Mother Mary also.

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