The Gift of A Mass ~ My husband's Christmas ritual

For many years my husband has delighted in his yearly visit with our parish secretary. It's something special to him, his Christmas ritual and his way of celebrating this Holy season.

They sit down together, one morning after daily Mass, and have coffee together and chart out several dozen Mass dates for family intentions.

He arranges a Mass for every member of our family, both immediate and extended, and those who have died. The Mass is prayed on or around their birthday. He has cards made for each person and distributes them at Christmas.

Do they KNOW what they are receiving??

"Every valid Mass has an Infinite value. Why? Because it is the unbloody renewal of the bloody Sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. Since the value of a gift is proportionate to the dignity of the Giver and the cost of the gift, it is easy to see how the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the only gift worthy and fitting for Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. "

 14 REASONS  Why should you have Masses offered? (make sure you scroll towards bottom)

The Tremendous Blessings and Benefits of the Mass as Told by Popes and Saints - Quotes

Answers to the Question:  What exactly does a priest do when he “offers Mass for someone’s intentions.”

It is a reminder and a joy to know that all year long we will be hearing The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass said for our loved ones and we are there to pray it for them.

Of great consolation are the promises of the Gregorian Masses for the dead. Gregorian Masses have been around since the first centuries of the Church; more than thirteen hundred years. The value of these Masses is that once completed, the person for whom they were intended to benefit would be released from Purgatory. The name "Gregorian" refers to Pope St. Gregory the Great who reigned from the year 590 to 604. He related in his Dialogues that when he had finished a series of thirty Masses for a departed monk, he received a visitation from this monk who told him he had been released from Purgatory and entered heaven. In Europe this practice became popular and was approved by the Church as a "...pious and reasonable belief of the faithful." (Sacred Roman Congregation on Indulgences)


Jamie said...

My grandma always gave Mass cards to us grandchildren growing up. Little did I know the value until I actually grew up! Now, when I receive a Mass card, I always send a thank you card, and tell them that a Mass is the best gift they could give.

I love to give Masses, I'm sure most often, the people receiving the Masses don't know the value, but I know someday they will.

What a wonderful husband you have there, looking out not only for you and taking care of you, but your souls also.

Aussie Therese said...

one of our favourite books to read is the Weight of a Mass. I think it has had a great impact on Tom especially.

Anne said...

What a great tradition and a fabulous gift! When my parents were nearing their deaths, that's all they asked for "Please have Masses said for us-and we do!"

I also love the book "The Weight of a Mass" It's wonderful!

Sarah said...

That is a wonderful tradition ... and gift idea!

Nadja Magdalena said...

Very good idea. I do have Masses offered for people/families, and had the Gregorian Masses offered for a friend who passed away two years ago.

Thank you for the reminder. The end of the year is a good time to do this.

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