Carpet Hockey

I'm sure we didn't make this game up.

We call it Carpet Hockey. Little sticks and a rubber ball, two ends of the room make goals. Dad and 3 sons make even teams.

The Playroom has been the location of this sometimes nightly game. Even seminarians and cassocked brothers have deigned to kneel and slide around the carpet to shoot goals with us.

Tonight is the last night of upstairs carpet hockey. After dinging the walls and making the blinds look like they've been sprayed by bullets, after breaking many cherished items the rough boys are moving downstairs to the unfinished basement and it's patchwork of carpets. They're not too thrilled about that. But the time has come...

With Nana's passing, I will now have the living room she always intended me to have. Hers. No longer the playroom, it will become a fancy room. A touchstone to me and a remembrance of her, like she is all around me.

My dear husband emptied out the room in order to start painting it to honor Nana's living room furniture. And so tonight, while it is truly empty, a full out hockey marathon is taking place. A last hurrah.


Christine said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you JMJ! You are a blessing to me!

I like the boys playing. Looking forward to seeing Nana's room.

Christina said...


I love this video! Looks (and sounds) much like our house at night. Annie gives me a glimpse of the future as I picture Elise in three years looking over the couch as her brothers topple each in a wrestle match, or play ball a little too hard in the, football, soccer. I laughed so hard!

Your living room is just gorgeous! I cannot believe it is the same space. How beautiful that you are surrounded by your grandmothers set. What a gift and a blessing. It's lovely!

God bless you dear friend!

Denise said...

This was so fun to see!
My brother and I played hockey in doors similar to this - down a long hallway in our house! Ok, we did make some black marks with a small wooden puck on the walls but we had a blast. We used miniature wooden hockey sticks - collectible at the time. My brother was the real ice hockey player in the family while growing up in Utah. Fun memories!

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