A Window To The Seasons

7:18 PM
A window to the seasons... a lovely idea by Renee.

from my kitchen

My dear Canadian friend suggested that we take and share photos from a window in our house that looks upon the beauty of the changing seasons.

from the master retreat, upstairs

Help me choose what window to use going forward as I share just the beginning of Fall here with you. They are all of the same backyard, as you can see, but from different angles and heights.

from my daughter's bedroom

The Fall colors are not in peak here yet. I hope it continues to take it's time and turn our leaves in lazy progression for a long "show."

What does it look like out of your window??


Sarah - Kala said...

From the kitchen. ;)

Sarah - Kala said...

Oh, and then tell us what you're cooking/baking - if anything - when you post the newest picture. ;)

Vicki said...

Oh, what a great idea!! Unfortunately I'll have to clean the windows before I dare to post any pictures - LOL :)

Dawn said...

Right now there is a bulldozer out my back window and a backhoe out my front window. I wouldn't want to inflict such pleaseant scenery on anyone.

Cheryl said...

I vote for the kitchen view!!!! I would take a pic from one of my windows but we live on base and behind the enlisted club, so not much to look at. Plus we really don't have a change of seasons here.:( I will just have to enjoy your fall pics!!! :0)


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