Wacky Wednesday - Don't question Senor Chang

10:22 AM

Kind of like homeschooling...don't pigeon hole the teacher, don't stereotype.

Ya bit!


Christine said...

That was sooooooooooooo funny!! Sorry about all my ooooo's.

I was really confused at first then I saw Chevey Chase in the desk and then I got the humor.

I love to laugh. Thanks for the smile today.

Cecilia said...

that was funny.. I like the part about the hands! Yeah.. its mostly hands!! where is that from? movie or tv show? Thanks!

amy said...

Loved it! HI-larious.

+JMJ+ said...

I think we've watched it about 12 times now. It's our new obsession.

It's from a new TV show called Community and we saw the preview for it and just wanted to see THAT scene.

Melissa said...

This made me crack up - especially when the camera jumps to Chevy Chase. The look on his face was hilarious. Great clip!
I think I'll have to check out this show now.

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