Sunday Silence


Shelly said...

okay. i've just got to ask. it's one of those things i always want to ask but never do.

just WHO is taking pictures during Mass???

I don't get it ;)

Jessica said...


Sarah - Kala said...

So very cool. :)

regan said...

i love the flurry of altar boys.
they look so graceful and serene.
and my what an altar you guys have!
if you could see our tiny little chapels over here, they look like catacombs compared to yours.
it would mean so much to me for us to have a "parish" like that someday.
but i just don't see it happening here.
so sad.

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks ladies.

It wasa a sepcial day for this mom and certainly for my husband to have his son beside him.

Regan - I see photos of TLM altars that are such eye candy and always wish our church was like that as it's just beginning to grow here. Thank you for the reminder that I should be thankful for what I DO have.


It's me taking the pictures. I am blessed to have a silent shutter option on my camera. It's noiseless. It also takes photos in almost NO no flash needed. Very unintrusive and spy-like....

The historian in me who likes to see things saved for posterity thought that it was important to have images of the beauty of the Latin Mass. Thankfully, my priests agree.

I hide up in the choir loft where no one knows what I am doing. ;)

Shelly said...

ah! thank you for 'splainin' :) and i forgot to add: i LOVE the third photo!

and regan, love your comment. it really is a beautiful sight.

the 2 Sundays previous to this one we had NOT A ONE altar boy [or altar server]... sad. an elderly gentleman took on the duty those back to back Sundays. I'm a big stickler for BOYS only on the serving front. There is a beauty in that - a vocation in the making, perhaps.

anyway. LOVE the boys/men serving! LOL

Christine said...

You should be a proud mama and wife. You are also very blessed.

I wish I had a cool spy camera!! Sounds neat-o!

Jenny said...

Really beautiful pictures Allison! These would look great in some sort of framed collage.

Christina said...

I can't believe I missed it! So beautiful...and moving. The picture of a lifetime...a husband and 14-year old son serving at the foot of the cross. So lovely!

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