At the High Mass today, Father talked about the word SACRIFICE and what it means.

From the Latin, sacer (“'sacred, holy'”), + faciō (“'do, make'”). ... so, to make something holy...

To those who suffer and sacrifice, it is a holy thing you do.

As Divine Providence would have it, this was timely for me to hear. Recently, a blog friend of mine wrote about the doubt in the motherly sacrifice to homeschool.

There are hard days, days when you doubt you are giving your best. (Certainly teachers in institutions have the same doubts.) There are days when you can only think of the to-do list that is not seeing any progress. Finally, there's the lure of "me" time. Like my friend, all homeschooling moms, at some point I'm sure, succumb to this feeling of doubt or defeat.

That's why we need to know about SACRIFICE and what it means. I need to remind myself and capture here in this "journal" some of the thoughts that I wrote to her. As homeschooling is a sacrifice I believe God has called me to for my sanctification, may I remember ...

  • Suffering is not a bad thing and as Catholics we know that it has value or Christ wouldn't have suffered for us. He is The Way, The Truth and The Life. That doesn't mean we want or like suffering! Sharing in the cross is meant to be difficult. Homeschooling on the scale of real suffering ranks pretty low.

  • If my kids were "in school", ( and they used to be) I'd likely have a different set of doubts, worries and upset. It's what led me to homeschool.

  • What saint didn't doubt or question their path to sanctity? If God has led you to it, He will lead you threw it. We are called to be saints. (Romans 1:7 )

  • More important than a clean house and some arbitrary school schedule is the love we give/teach/share in service to our family. The beauty of homeschooling is that you can take that break in times of need to refocus.

  • What would I do if my kids were in school? Paint my house to keep up with the Joneses? Organize and get things done? Not tasks that are "bad" in and of themselves but at the cost of time together with my children? Being together, strengthening the family is what it's all about.

  • People always remind me of how quickly time passes. They are right and you can't get it back. It is a gift to be reminded to make our days about loving relationships even when we bicker. Bickering happens. We're not immune to it and we know to ask for grace and start over. Later, when the children are grown and gone, I'll have plenty of time to paint and organize and I'll wish I hadn't...I'll miss them, and this time.

  • Christ went off to pray alone, yes...but did He give us some example to live our lives desiring "me" time? No. Our Lord came to serve, not be served. His service resulted in the ultimate sacrifice.

May we all be granted the grace to live out God's will for us, to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him....


Cheryl said...

That was so beautiful!!! I am siting here about to start our school day and after reading this I feel so much better about things! Thank you for reminding me about sacrafice. Mine is so small compared to others. I need to remember that durring the day when I feel overwhelmed. Christ called me to this vocation and I need to accept it with grace and confidence. Thank you my friend!

Sarah - Kala said...

All around the US right now there are schools making decisions to add furlough days, some schools taking more than others (HI is taking 17!!!! to my chagrin!!!) because it will A)save money and B) retain, rather, than lay off/fire teachers. Furlough days, they say, are the best choice since they are days that they take away from already slated school days that can easily be added back if/when the money comes in. I think HI is saving 7.something percent which equals a few million or so by taking away 17 Friday's from my (and others) children education.

Hmmmm. Although my children (esp. the younger two; the oldest really "hates" school so will struggle as long as he has that attitude, but is doing well w/ A's and B's currently) won't be effected that much (I'll find things for them to do - I know how now that I've home schooled before, thankfully), it really, truly bothers me. There are many parents that don't see the point in home schooling when the state has a "perfectly good education lined up for their kids" (and so, they can work so they can have their annual European vacations etc..). WE have never been in that "boat" financially. I also can home school 'cos I'm home. I do miss it.

If this kind of thing continues, I will bring my children home. Again. Until they graduate high school.

Please pray for us as we (the parents) will have to really have deep and long discussions about the next school year. I'm leaning toward bringing them home again. It will be harder with dad coming on board, having seen how home schooling can work not very well (organization wise and time wise, respect, etc..).

Jamie said...

This was beautiful Allison!!

I plan (after I feed this baby among many other things today) post again...just finding that time!

I know and believe in sacrificing and especially with homeschooling, but sometimes, in my desparation, I fall and forget and it becomes too much...and I guess I envy others and the time they have...Prayer is needed in those very times!

+JMJ+ said...

Jamie - I know a lady like you, a frequent adorer of Our Lord, has a deep faith to fall back on.

I find myself jealous of others...what to do about our comparitive natures?

Recently, I've been feeling like I have to focus on my blessings and be SOOOOO grateful for them! I was reading about Chris Klicka of HSLDA about to die and just had to hug each of my children for an extended period of time.

You are in my prayers as you babymoon.

Sarah-Kala - 17 Friday's off! Sounds like Mother of Divine Grace homeschooling! :)

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