Catholic Homeschooling Magazine Mater Et Magistra

4:33 PM

The magazine just keeps getting better and better!

The last issue, with the college focus, was just superb! So helpful, I think I earmarked just about every page for some reason.

If homeschooling is your "business", your "work"...consider this a way to stay abreast of your field.
This is not an ad, I just like the publication and for good things to continue, there must be support.


kimberly said...

Every year, during my homeschooling planning phase, I "plan" a little treat for myself...something to fuel the fire, encourage and motivate.

This year's choice: Mater et Magistra!

Such a wonderful resource, combining all the elements of faith, facts, family and fun. I find myself pouring past issues, keeping them on my nightstand.

I second your endorsement!

Mary B. Luca said...

Thanks Allison - the articles sound great. I'm going to purchase this issue online and read it (you can purchase "back" issues online - in either PDF or print form.
Thanks again - May you have a blessed day :)

Suzie said...

This is a great magazine. I've subscribed since before it became Mater et Magistra. I like the articles, support, and review of materials. Great plug for a great magazine!

Adriana said...

Thank you for the suggestion... I enjoy your blog.. and will look into your suggestion... I don't have my own kids but work with a Catholic Youth group.. I am sure the content of the magazine should be helpful as well.

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