Home Sweet Home - What did you do on 4th of July?

2:56 PM
Had a wonderful time! Will share pics and videos from our cruise to Bermuda soon...

Until then, tell me how you spent your 4th of July?


Jessica said...

Welcome home!! I am looking forward to seeing pictures from your trip!

We spent the 4th baking and then heading to some friend's for a BBQ and to watch the fireworks! =)

Sarah said...

I am looking forward to seeing your pics, too!

I had a nontraditional 4th ... My hubby took the older girls on a mini road trip to visit some of his family. (They loved the dad time!) I stayed back with the twins and my mom. We hung out, ate out and watched "Saint Rita." We did pedicures, drank iced coffees and relaxed. It was actually just what I needed =)

Sarah said...

Glad you're back! I'm sure you all had a wonderful time!

We ate and watched fire works on Ala Moana beach (just a few blocks from us). Beautiful.

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