Brown...Green...The Scapular is a Garment of Grace!

It is the feast of Our Lady of Carmel today. A day to honor Our Lady, her scapular and it's graces.

I have written before on the scapular medal and the green scapular.

May I also suggest that you read GARMENT OF GRACE ? It's very short, but powerful! I read it once during a family holy hour and I immediately passed it on to the son beside me whispering, "this will blow you away!" I highly recommend it!

Don't you just love it when you're somewhere and you see a person or a child and the string of their scapular is peeking through their clothing? I do. I feel comforted, for them too!


carmelitemom said...

Great post Allison. I never heard of that booklet believe it or not so I may have to look into that. I also love it when I see the brown strings peeking out. Being at the monastery this week for the novena, I saw many, many brown strings thank God!!

Shelly said...

First of all, thank you for reminding me of this - my sister, if you rmber, just entered a Carmelite order, so this is significant esp. for her.

Secondly, that booklet Garment of Grace... there's a story that happened in Ashtabula OH, [did it have something to do w/a train or train tracks???], well, that was a few towns next to the town i grew up in. that was neat to see a miracle happen there - it's such an "out of the way" type town.

Thirdly, thanks for stopping by today and leaving a comment. i must say that i can not take credit for the photos - i got them off google! i meant to bring my camera when we went blueberry picking, it just happened to slip my mind!

have a blessed wknd!

regan said...

i love this post too allison. and it funny that you mentioned that tidbit about the scapular peeking out, i feel the same way, though. like we are "soul mates".
now if i could just get my boys to KEEP theirs on at all times. swimming and showers tend to make them take 'em off, then they forget to put them back on...
i have a little booklet on miracles of the brown scapular and it is great!
hope you are having a lovely summer! hugs.

Gae said...

How exciting.
You had so much happening. I can't wait for a quiet moment to check out the Shakespear.
After birthday weekend though. ☺
God Bless

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