She asks...Are you REALLY Catholic?

Jennifer Hartline is one courageous writer!

"You are free to decide where and with whom you stand. You do not, however, have the right to try to change the Catholic Church to suit your opinions or wishes. No matter how brilliant you are, you are not above the Magisterium. No matter how persuasive the political position, you cannot ignore the law of the Church and the Natural Law. Doctrine and Orthodoxy may be distasteful words in this age of personal freedoms, but if you call yourself Catholic, you need to know what Catholic doctrine actually says and follow it. All of it – not just this or that particular idea that suits your preferences. The Church is not a cafeteria. You are not free to take some things and leave others.

If you support (that means vote for) politicians who advocate and legislate for laws and policies that violate the moral teachings of the Catholic Church, you are choosing to conform to this world rather than be transformed by Christ, and that’s very dangerous for all of us. To whom does your heart belong? It’s time to wipe out the notion that it’s okay for a Catholic to believe one thing in private and support the opposite in public, a la Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, Sebelius, etc. It is not okay. It is in fact, a mockery of our faith and a pathetic lie.

Either live as a Catholic Christian or don’t, but stop trying to remodel the Church to make it more appealing to the world. Learn your Catholic faith, understand it correctly and LIVE IT out in public without apologizing. Stop compromising the truth. Quit trying to rewrite Church teaching to bring it “up to speed” with modern times. The Church is not out of step with society; society is out of step with the Church. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and thus His Church is timeless, ageless and always perfectly relevant. It is not the Church who needs to change her thinking; it is society that needs to CORRECT its thinking. "

Read more here .... Pro Abortion, Pro Gay marriage, Obama voter... she covers it all.


Jamie said...

AMEN!! I am so thankful I have that automatically believing like a child thing going on, yet knowing the Truth.

Marilyn said...

This is a great article.

My post is up - let me know how you want to link.

I love your blog too - I have to come back and visit for longer with a cup of tea!


Dirtdartwife said...

She's a really brave writer and not afraid to speak the truth!

Sarah said...

We all have to be 100% Catholic and Courageous! That is what Courageous Love is: dying to self. One of my favourite things to tell folks about service is this: self-service is a lonely service.
Jesus said to go forth and teach and baptize in His name; and, as a baptized Christian, we are to carry our cross. We can't lie down with it.

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