Newest Family Member!

My brother and sister-in-law just had their 3rd baby girl!

Whitney was born on Monday and we are so overjoyed with the gift of this new soul to love for a lifetime. They had to look at her for a while to decide if she was a Whitney or an Elizabeth. Ultimately, she seemed like a Whitney to them.

Up until that time, there had been two possibilities for a name of our newest family member. It seemed that "Elizabeth" was not to be....

But God had other plans.

Today, this information (below) arrived to our home.

PLEASE, join us in praying for "our" Elizabeth.

(Isn't she sooooo cute and precious. We wish she was really ours!)


Laura said...

Congratulations on both of your new family members. It is always a joy to welcome new members, isn't it?
God Bless.

Christine said...

What a blessing! She is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Dirtdartwife said...

Congrats! We've "adopted" our first sponsored child and the really cool part is that her name ends with the same sound as all of our girls, so she fits right in.

Congrats to your entire family and welcome baby Whitney!!!

Cheryl said...

Congrats to your family!!! Our kids love hearing about our sponsored child! Your family and your prayers will be such a blessing for this little girl!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a great wonderful to be blessed in this way.

If you get a chance, stop over to my blog...I have more work for you to do : )

Melissa said...

Congratulations on your family's newest blessings! :)

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks everyone! Babies make things new again and so joy-filled.

Thanks for sharing in the Christ-incidencences with me!

Ann said...

Hi Totus Tuus mom,

I've been reading your blog for a while now. I stumbled upon your blog once when I googled "totus tuus". I'm a Catholic too in my mid twenties and I'm from Malaysia.
I truly admire what you are doing for your family. Homeschooling is almost unheard of here but in recent years there have been parents who have opted for homeschooling. I personally know of a family here who home school their three children and I've seen how much it helps them grow, discover and learn. What strikes me the most about home school is that it gives the opportunity for the discovery and development of a child's talent and potential. Someday if God wills it that I have my own family, home schooling is the way to go!!
Will keep you and your family in my prayers tonight!
God Bless You.

+JMJ+ said...

Hello Ann!

How exciting to hear from you and I hope to often.

I'd love to hear about your life and hope that you do pursue the joy that is homeschooling!

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