Jamie said...

Very true of what I think all of us moms feel and want out of life, yet can't seem to achieve.

Thanks for the link!

Charlotte said...

Hey JMJ,
I would like your input (i.e. comments) in the commbox on this entry of mine:

The discussion has ended up being about homeschooling. I have responded (at length!), but you know me, I'm not always kind. I'd like a more knowledgeable voice (from someone who actually homeschools) to weigh in.

Only if you have time - Thanks!

Marilyn said...


I noticed that you know Nadja and visit her blog. I am going to host a Virtual Baby Shower of Prayers and Thoughts for her on my blog sometime in the next week. Please let me know if you would like to join in - I was thinking of doing a post and then linking to others who have posted?

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Marilyn! This is SUCH a lovely idea! I hope it's OK for us to talk about it here...I"M IN!!!

Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

Just linked to this after your suggestion. Thank you! What a great post.

+JMJ+ said...

Thanks Jennifer, I really thought you would like this. you are kind to follow up.

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