The end of Christianity? Our future world.

Do you love the gospel? Christ?

Christianity will not be the prevalent faith of the world for our children and our children's children.

Some statistics to get you thinking...

Christian Europe will cease to exist. There are more mosques than there are churches. By 2025, 1/3 of all the births in Europe will be muslim.

In 39 years France will be islamic. By 2050 Germany will be muslim.

There is a 30 fold increase of islamics in England.

In Netherlands, 50% of all births are to muslims, same for Belgium.

In a few years 40% of the Russian army will be muslim.

Islam is the fastest growing religion, surpassing Catholicism.

In 30 years there will be 50 million muslims in America.

In 5-7 years islam will be the dominate religion of the world.

These statistics can be seen here

Yes, children ARE a blessing from God!

Not having children is sometimes a selfish reason from a society that eschews sacrifice and wants to spend their money and time on personal gratification. Now, many may feel reverse selfishness... deciding to have children to selfishly keep our Judeo-Christian values represented in the world.

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Mom E said...

Scary and makes you think. So sad that only those who belive care. :(

De Lly Dilettante said...

That's really really scary.

Nadja Magdalena said...

Amazing how Italy, the seat of our Holy Faith, now has just about the lowest birth rate in Europe. To paraphrase what one Muslim woman said during some sort of demonstration in France, "We don't need to fight wars to gain the world--we just need to wait."

Jen said...

Wow...that scares me. Very much so. What a powerful post. Something to think deeply a friend of mine and I were saying. Do we really love and live for Christ, or are we just going through the motions?

Sara said...

I think the final battle will be between the Muslims and the faithful Catholics since we're the only ones coming anywhere near their birthrate. But they may still outnumber us.

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