Support for Catholic Homeschooling - Father Corapi and others!

Father Corapi is a supporter of Catholic many priests are. In June, the annual IHM conference will take place. For 2 days a sea of Catholic homeschoolers will converge and be nourished by the encouragement of dozens of well-known (again, many EWTN)priests, even illustrious authors like Dr. Alice Von Hildebrand! For a complete description of each talk -

It has been said by priests that they see the Catholic homeschooling movement as the work of the Holy Spirit to strengthen the Catholic church. See THIS link for quotes from Catholic documents, Popes, and catechism supporting Catholic Homeschooling.

You may be surprised and impressed by a list of "famous" homeschoolers.

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regan said... he is SO awesome!!! i really enjoy his weekly wisdom as well as just about every word that comes out of his mouth!

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