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I am so honored to share with you a post from a guest blogger, the serene, Theresa, of Carmelitemom on a topic dear to me as I have written on the brown and the green SCAPULARS.

The Scapular

According to tradition, in the 13th century, Our Lady appeared to St. Simon Stock who, at the time, was Superior General of the Carmelite Order. She gave him the brown scapular stating that whoever wore it would be preserved from eternal damnation and on the first Saturday after their death, would be delivered from Purgatory if temporal punishment was still due after death.

The brown scapular is an outward sign of one's love and devotion to the Mother of God. It also acknowledges her special role in the plan of salvation. It is a miniature model of the larger form worn by the members of the Carmelite Order as part of their habit and it leads us into the family of Carmel.

It must be understood that the scapular is not some kind of magical charm. Those who wear it must be striving earnestly to live up to all Christian ideals especially in following the Commandments. The wearing of the scapular signifies a pledge on our part and a promise on the Blessed Mother's part. Placed under her protection, it becomes an aid and helps us maintain the virtues of our vocations.Through the scapular, the Blessed Virgin teaches us to be open to God and His Holy Will, to listen to the Word of God and put it into practice, to pray at all times practicing the Presence of God and to love our neighbor. One need only to be enrolled in the scapular once by a priest. The scapular can be replaced as needed and does not need to be blessed each time. With sufficient reason, the cloth scapular can be replaced with a scapular medal but the faithful are encouraged to wear the cloth scapular when at all possible. Vanity and fear of making open profession of our affiliation with Our Lady would be wrong reasons for substituting the medal for the cloth. The scapular should be made of 100% wool and the plastic casing removed that is sometimes included. Pictures are not necessary.

The following conditions should also be fulfilled in wearing the scapular (The Sabbatine Privilege):1) Wear the scapular continuously 2) Observe chastity according to one's state in life 3) Recite daily the "Little Office of the Blessed Virgin" Or) Observe the fast days of the church together with abstaining from meat onWednesdays and Fridays Or) With permission from priest, say five decades of the Holy Rosary Or) With permission from a priest, substitute some other good work.Pope Benedict XV granted 500 days indulgence for devoutly kissing your scapular.

Without saying to Mary that we venerate her, love her and trust her, we tell her these things every moment of the day, by simply wearing the scapular.


carmelitemom said...

Thanks Allison for posting!! I had to chuckle when I saw the word *serene* to describe me. I laugh since people state my presence is calming, my house is peaceful as well as my blog. I said to my husband "If they only really knew me." He said " can be carrier without actually being infected!" LOL

Jamie said...

I might be in trouble....I've worn the brown scapular for like 14 or 15 years but don't pray "the office" or fast from meat on Wednesdays...I'll have to google "the office of the Blessed Virgin"

Great post!

+JMJ+ said...

Did you see where Theresa wrote the ORs toward the bottom?

My priest at our investiture ceremony requested that we pray the rosary.

carmelitemom said...

Yes, you don't have to fulfill both obligations. Most do say the rosary as Allison mentioned. Most importantly, the Blessed Mother sees our good intentions and does not fail to lead us to her Son and also to protect us.

Jen said...

I'm an Aspirant for Carmelite this year. I wear my own blessed scapular, and part of our prayers in this formation is the morning and evening vespers. In November, if I still feel called, I will receive the offical brown scapular. I have felt very called to deepen my relationship with Mary. I will be visiting your site often this month! Thanks for the great post...

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