Something About Mary - a month to blog in honor of Our Lady

Day One.

Join me.

I will try to post every day in Our Lady's month of May SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.

Feel free to use this image above and, like last are some suggestions.

* Favorite book about Blessed Virgin Mary
* Favorite Saint devoted to Mary and their quotes on Our Lady
* Other favorite quotes on Blessed Virgin Mary
* Favorite Marian Prayer, devotion
* Favorite Marian title, image, statue (post picture)
* Favorite Marian experience, pilgrimage, shrine
* Favorite Marian movie
* Favorite Marian hymn
Add more....

For all those who respond, I will enter your names into a bowl and choose a winner on May 31st, the one year anniversary of my blog. Stay tuned for the prize!

Perhaps, like me, you'll also start your month honoring Our Blessed Mother by praying her litany at this gorgeous website? As Father gave this prayer to me as my penance today, at that exact moment the boom box we use to give confession some privacy in a small chapel began playing Ave Maria! Thank you, dear Mother, for the confirmation and your arrival beside me on my month of honoring you.....


Leticia said...

What a great idea, JMJ! Count me in. I love the image, thanks for sharing it.

Sarah said...

I really like this idea! I will try to participate as much as I can.

Have a blessed weekend!

Kris said...

Does Tweeting to you count? I just started Twittering as MyGingerJar so it is easy to post a thought there.

Jennifer said...

Oooohhh, I love this idea! Count me in! I've got today covered without even realizing it -- in my Praises!
Bless you!

Annemarie said...

Great Idea, I am going to be starting late on this but will certainly try to post something everyday.

regan said...

i like this too. and i will try to do something every day. as with the april showers, sometimes i missed, but for Mary?? well, i'll just have to try harder, won't i? =)

Jamie said...

I love this idea, what a lovely way to honor our Mother!

I am not that good at posting every day or having a plan...I will try though to do some stuff, does that count?

God bless you!

Mrs. L said...

I had a plan to post regularly little things prayers, devotions etc...about the Blessed Mother this month too. But now I can join you and the others as well!. God Bless:)

Dirtdartwife said...

I'm a tad late, but can I still join in? My blog is set to invited readers only though, so if you'd like to see the posts on Mary, just let me know. I'd be happy to share. Thanks for having this goal, it gives my month a bit more focus. And what a great focal point! :) Pax Christi, DDW

Stephanie said...

I was just doing the same thing~ but started late! Count me in please!

Elena said...

This is such a beautiful idea and I'd love to join in. I'm starting late but I guess Mother's Day is a good time to start.
Thank you for hosting it.

God Bless,

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