Something About Mary - Marian Medal Hairbows!

One of the most amazing women I know has come up with a wonderful idea.

She'll make you a gorgeous hairbow of your design, like this Marian Medal one that I am ordering for my daughter and part of her proceeds will go to the Pro-Life community!

Visit her blog for a religious hairbow or other charming bows, even flip-flops! There's no denying that Our Blessed Mother was Pro-Life!


Jen said...

How beautiful! I'll have to check it out.

Charlotte said...

Now this is something I WOULD put on my little girl - if I had one. A suggestion - she needs to sell these on Ebay. I think they would do well.

Sarah said...

Very pretty! I'm sure your daughter will love wearing her Marian hair bow. I will check out her Web site.

Have a great day!

Mom E said...

Aren't they beautiful!!!

Cecilia said...

You are too kind.. I am not amazing.. its my friends who are! God bless friend!


Jamie said...

Checked out her website and marked it as a favorite! I have 3 girls' birthdays coming up this summer!

I'll have to plug her too on my blog after I order!

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