VIRI SELECTI - choose men - washing the feet of 12 male apostles

The Fifth Column: Holy Thursday Washing Feet is quite an education in the matter by author, Steven Kellmeyer .

For a truly in-depth analysis read the above link on the largely unobeyed RUBRICS of VIRI SELECTI (choose men) regarding today's Mass.

What did Christ do today?

The Baltimore Catechism tells us he instituted the Eucharist and the priesthood with 12 male apostles.

Has the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth ever washed the feet of women? What has happened to obedience to the Holy Father?

Reclaim our Catholic Identity and pray for obedience to the Magisterium!

On this day, one may gain a plenary indulgence, under the usual conditions, by reciting the Tantum Ergo (Down in Adoration Falling).



Sarah (JOT) said...

Can I sing the Tantem Ergo? Will that count?

Thanks for this post. Our new DRE requested 12 volunteers (not male or female specifically) for Father to wash their feet tonight . . . so I sent her an email asking if the volunteers were all male as your post and back up information tells us. I told her I would provide documents if she wanted (thank you) and what she does not know is that if there is one female in the line up I will walk out. I've stated the case, hopefully all will be as it should be.

Sarah said...

This is so interesting! In all the parishes I belonged to growing up, there was always a mixture of folks (men, women, children) who had their feet washed. In my high school parish, we had a hand-washing ceremony! (Looking back, I can't believe it! I didn't know how liberal a parish we belonged to; I was totally unaware!) Not until the parish we joined right after we got married had I ever seen this done properly. I immediately noticed that all those having their feet washed were men, and so investigated further ... I had no idea that this was how it should be, but it makes so much sense. A year ago, I was asked to have my feet washed (not at my parish but somewhere else) but declined. I just couldn't ... The all-male foot washing is so honoring of the priesthood. And is in line with our tradition. How I continue to love our tradition more and more and more! It's so rich and beautiful!

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Sarah -

My entire Diocese will be washing the feet of women tonight.

But I can not walk out and miss My Lord and the celebration of His institution of the Eucharist and the priesthood. I will offer my communion, my cross and my disappointment to His intentions for this day and for our priests to recalim our Catholic indentity.

Hugs to you dear soldier for Christ!

Sarah (JOT) said...

JMJ- you are corret, I should stay and "offer it up" so I shall. It's so painful. She responded thus:
Hi Sarah,

As I understand it, in the past, this congregation has chosen to pull a cross section of the community, meaning men, women, older, younger, etc. and that is what they are planning on doing tonight. Is that not true?

I will tell you that Canon Law allows priests/pastors a degree of pastoral discretion, and the Holy Thursday Liturgy is one of those places in which many priests choose to exercise that discretion. You should know that many congregations, when pushed, will simply eliminate the ritual from the liturgy entirely. That is also an option.

I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but with only two hours to go, it’s the only explanation I can give you. I’m not the decision-maker in this area. I would suggest speaking with Fr. and voicing your concerns to him.

"I will tell you that cannon law . . " It sounds so official, but after reading the links you posted, I have to strongly disagree with her on this one. However, I am going to print off the link stuff and put it on her door. Maybe. It's that I want to be charitable but not at the expense of the Truth. Hard times!

I've been here six years and every year the volunteers have been men, to my best recollection.

I'll go - and just offer it up.

Sarah (JOT) said...

I had copied off your links to read again - then I spoke with a couple I trust is trying to be authentically Catholic and neither of them wanted to read it nor did either of them really care that women's/girl's feet were in the lineup last night. The gal said, "I'm sure that the Deacon and G- and Fr. wouldn't make this kind of error . . ." - and that is JUST the problem, because they would, just as anyone else who does not know. They aren't to blame unless they know and do it anyway - and well, I'm not trying to start arguments about right/wrong in this case - just let's get to the bottom of this and do things right all.the.time. But, I do not think anyone cares! As far as our DRE's response, I just have to add that there's the possibility she does not know much about cannon law any more than I do. Very few do, in fact. However, if she is going to quote it per se, it would have been nice to see the "link".

As a convert and one who desires strongly to do the right thing - obedience - when I find out what really should be done/said etc., it just makes me sad that people don't care 'cos "it's always been done this way" . . . so always doing it that way means it's okay? Geesh.

+JMJ+ said...

Sarah, converts make such faithful Catholics and I am sad for them, when like myself, we find disobedience and apathy in fidelity to the Magisterium.

I can only relate it to the promise that the Church, as The BOdy of Christ, like Christ, will be BETRAYED, abandoned, scourged, suffer and die to be redeemed.

Crucified....and we share in carrying the Cross.

Christ doesn't want a watered down, lukewarm faith from us. (He said he would spit out the lukewarm.) Let's pray to stay on-fire.

Has the Pope, the Vicar of Christ on Earth ever washed the feet of women?

EbethW said...

What do you ladies do about applause during Mass? Along with washing women, children, and men's feet this year, the priest stepped out from his chair at the end of Mass and BEFORE he ended Mass thanked everyone in the music ministry, ushers, etc for all their work and asked for applause.

The Pope has said a number of times that applause has no place during the Mass...errrr!!

Offering it up....offering it all up!

Easter blessings to you all

+JMJ+ said...

You're right Ebeth, that's a tough one too.

I quoted a couple of links and articles on the liturgical abuse and misguided emotions of clapping during Mass or in church.

If we really believe in the Real Presence and Christ's presence then He and He alone deserves our focus and reverance!

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