Sunday Silence ~ altar boys (the new guard)


amy said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!
You are truly blessed with The TLM and these holy boys & men!

My mission today (even tho' you are already defending life on your blog, I am passing this around to as many Catholic bloggers as I can):

PLEASE join with other Catholic Pro Life Bloggers by continually posting at every about Mr. Obama's UNACCEPTABLE stand on the destruction of innocent life - I propose we band together and make a peaceful but continual protest in defense of LIFE! Keep it going! God Bless you and Our Lady of Guadaloupe, Ora Pro Nobis!

Jenny said...

Really beautiful pictures!

Theresa Rugel-The said...

Very nice. We attend the TLM too at, and I'm trying to get one of my boys to train for it but he's not interested. While our church is Roman Catholic, it is also traditional, which we are so ever grateful for, so he serves at one of the other masses.
Blessings to you,
Theresa and family in Southern California

Sarah said...

How wonderful! I am sure you are so proud of your sons! Are all your sons altar boys?

The video above was fun ... Our pastor wears a cassock, and I think it's just great! I'm not sure if he carries a lightsabor, though ;-)

Jen said...

Jess over on MKs posted pics of this Mass. Some of her nephews were serving. I looked and thought, boy some of those children look like Allison's. LOL



+JMJ+ said...

Hi Ladies-

AMY, thanks! I am so trying to figure out how to make my pics more like your stunning photographs.

ADRIENNE - I put up a post on Otrauma's signing today. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

THERESA - thanks for visiting. We are Roman Catholic as well. Our Mass is said in a liberalish RC church that gives us a nice spot for a weekly TLM. While we are grateful and happy, they kinda treat us like the crazy aunt kept under the stairs...sigh...

Hi SARAH - my littlest is not yet serving. Maybe when he is 9?

JEN - Jess is related to the other boys on the altar and I am glad the pictures must have been shared! I thought MK's disbanded?

Renee said...

LOVELY post! One can sense the reverence and respect here, which is something so beautiful in the TLM missing today in other masses. Thanks for sharing. I know (!) you were excited and so very proud of your men this day. :-)

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