Oremus pro Pontifice

10:18 AM
This will be our memorization work this week. A much-needed prayer to pray daily from The Handbook of Indulgences Norm and Grants...

Let us pray for Benedict, our pope.
May the Lord protect him
and grant him length of days.
May the Lord be his shield
and deliver him from all harm.
May the Lord give him happiness and peace
all the days of his life.

A partial indulgence

Thank you for supportingHuman Life International and the Holy Father's courageous stand for Truth against the lies of the media and"authorities" who are misrepresenting both his statement and the actual effectiveness ofcondoms in stopping the spread of AIDS in Africa.Your name has been added to the letter of support for Pope Benedict XVI.

Please forward this link http://www.hli.org/papal_visit_support.htmlto all your friends asking them to take one minute to sign the letter and support the Holy Father. Visit our "Condom Facts" page and learn more aboutthe many problems and misinformation associated with the promotion of condoms worldwide.

Yours in Christ, Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer, President, Human Life International


regan said...

very lovely allison. you always have the greatest prayers and ideas! what a blessing you are!

Laura said...

This is a nice, simple prayer. It will be a good one to incorporate into a mealtime since it is brief but powerful! Thanks and God Bless.

+JMJ+ said...

Regan, you are such a darling! And Laura, yes this is very doable, isn't it?

So needed.

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