Now that's a man!

9:29 AM
Continuing to honor St. Joseph during his month of March, I found THIS at CheekyPinkGirl.

Excellent article on the MANLINESS of St. Joseph and all he embodies and models for us today.

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Steph said...

I have just discovered your blog nad have spent WAY too much time browsing on it.
I love your idea of "yearly Saint", and will be stealing it- we'll do it on Pentecost I think.. In years past, We have each chosen a gift of the spirit for each year, we write it on a piece of fruit (fake of course) and then we hang them in our rooms as a reminder of our goal. I think we'll be adding a SAint to that tradition!
Our current obsession -oops, I mean hobby, is making clothespin saints. I thought your daughter might enjoy making some of your family's Saints 2009.- my blog has instructions, if you are interested
Your blog is beautiful, thank you very much

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