The Shadow Knows

Where does Mary go? What does Mary say? How does Mary react?

The shadow knows....

“Let us be, in short, but Mary’s shadow.”~St. Peter Julian Eymard

When someone is learning a job they follow the person "in the know", they shadow them. In doing so, they hope to learn and pick up how to do things, how to interact and be successful.

The vessel that God chose for His mother should be an example to us. If God picked her, so should we. Did He do great things with anyone who He did NOT wish us to take notice of? Did He give greater graces to anyone?


The Angel Gabriel, God's messenger and so carrying His message addresses her, "Hail, FULL of grace." How FULL is full?

Jesus spoke about how faith like a child's is required for heaven. Obedience. Acceptance. A child trusts and surrenders. Little children are their mother's shadow, following her.

Blessed Mother, take me by the hand. Where you lead, I wish to follow.

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Jamie said...

Very beautiful!

I ended up not joining because I don't like yahoo groups or things like that, it's too much pressure for me to read. (or to take time to read, even if I don't have the time)

regan said...

how very precious.
thanks for this allison.
what a great meditation for me to read first thing this morning!

Sarah D said...

This is so good! I love the line, "If God picked her, so should we." How true!! I have such a great desire to be close to Mary. I don't know how close I actually am, but I long to be close because she will only bring me closer to her Son, our Lord!

Arley said...

Thank you very much for this post. Mary is a huge influence in our lives. In fact our youngest, Mary Elizabeth, is named in her honor.

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