Foto Friday

Six families, 6 lanes and a couple hours rollin'em.

An enjoyable afternoon of homeschoolers bowling...cheering each other on.


Anonymous said...

we love bowling too! haven't been a while though. there is only one local place to go and it seems like every time we try to go there are tournaments or something.....

Jamie said...

We did that about a month ago (only we filled the whole bowling alley with homeschool families) it was so much fun!!

Christine said...

Looks like fun!

I stink at bowling. I do OK but I want that strike every single time!

+JMJ+ said...

I haven't been bowling since 2001 and just recently twice.

I start out pretty good, usually with a promising strike and some spares and then my arm must get tired and I lose all control and roll 'em pitifully toward the end.

But it is great fun for all of us. :)

Next time we might try "teachers" against the students.

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