How an inaccurately labeled, pro "choice" President saves the economy?

10:17 PM
3 ways President Obama plans to use YOUR tax dollars to fund elective abortion on demand.

1. Sign an Executive Order to abandon the Mexico City Policy so that U.N. organizations can fund abortion overseas; (DONE, 1-23-2009 - what happened to saving our economy? Why SPEND our tax $$$ on FOREIGN abortions??!!)

2. Repeal the Hyde Amendment in order to allow tax-funded abortion on demand through Medicaid;

3. Appropriate tax-dollars to Planned Parenthood and DEFUND Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

This does not warrant the label "pro choice," WAKE UP people!
By defunding centers that help women who want AND CHOOSE to KEEP THEIR BABIES our President is telling us our he did with his BORN ALIVE stance... I'll support your GETTING RID OF THE BABIES.

In the Illinois State Senate, Barack Obama voted at least six times against legislation that would protect the life of a child born alive during an abortion procedure. And while Obama says he would have supported the federal version of the “born alive” legislation, he voted against a “nearly identical” bill in Illinois.


Shelly said...

I know [shaking head]

wake me up when it's over!

Alice Gunther said...

So very, very, very heartbreakingly sad.

Lindsay said...

Well, you know that all those Crisis Pregnancy Centers are really trying to do is punish people with babies, anyway...


Melissa from MN said...

This was the first I heard of the international funding change. Did you hear about the Obama and Pope Benedict XVI phone calls and letter?

( search "Pope Benedict Obama Talk")

This is going to be a hard presidency to watch and hear about.

Sarah (JOT) said...

I am not surprised that he's already doing what he promised he would do. The problem is relativism: let me do what I want, and I'll let you do what you want. It's win-win, right? No. The only ones of us that get that it's not a win-win situation to "live and let live" are those who did not vote for Obama and his "change". Those who voted him in blindly are going to beat their heads against walls as soon as they realize that they voted in a monster . . . God have mercy on us all.

Laura O said...

Yeah, I just love how the 'pro-choice' politicians say they want to give women options. Amazing how the only options we can have are the ones THEY think are best.

And, even if I was all for providing access to abortions here in the US, why on earth would I want US funds going out of the country to provide them??? I fear the "spend our way out of this mess" is just beginning :o((

Aussie Therese said...

It is very sad.

On a brighter note, I have an award for you at my blog.


Jen said...

Wonder what would happen if I "choose" not to fund these abortions by not paying taxes. Hahaha. Of course we always get a refund, so I guess I don't really pay taxes anyway.....say, did you hear that he wants to TRIPLE the EIC??? Yep, max would $12,000!!!!! Um, I like my EIC, but that's just asinine!

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