Cuppa Hot

5:53 PM
A well-rounded education, in my opinion, does not overlook the value of starting the day with a "cuppa hot."

Have you seen the Keurig? Coffee, hot chocolate, tea.



Thanks so much GrandDandy & Popsie!


Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I'm happy for everyone who gets one of these things. I see they are less expensive at Costco, but I saw the coffee tins - 80 for $30 and said "nope, I'm sticking to my dorm room Mr. Coffee maker". I just can't spend that kind of money for new "pods" of anything. Even though I think it's WAY COOL and convenient!! Have a cuppa for me, yeah?

Ruth said...

I would love one of those. What a thouhtful gift!

Therese said...

When I went away with my friends for the weekend, the hotel had one-very neat gadget! I love that you can use it for more than coffee!

Anonymous said...

Allison...awesome! We got one two years ago and love it! I am so spoiled with it!

Just a FYI...make sure you descale every three months and Amazon seems to be the cheapest for K-cups that we have found.


+JMJ+ said...

Hi ladies!

You know what we figured out Sarah? We were wasting a lot when we made a whole pot rather than individual cups. My husband is a Controller and his brother is an partner in an accounting firm. Between teh 2 of them they figured out the price per cup and decided it was a wash pricewise.

Theresa, thanks for the heads up on k-cups. I've been searching for best prices and free shipping and found 24 cups for 10 and free shipping at Thanks for the heads up on Amazon, too!

I love that when people are over my Dad can have an extra bold and we can have our milds or decafs and the kids can all have hot chocolate.

The personalization is very cool.

Lisa said...

Sounds really neat. I'll have to look into it! My kids just love their hot chocolate. I'm a tea momma, myself. :-)

Jenny said...

Mmmmm...our day does not begin well unless we get warmed by a cup of hot chocolate. Your children look so sweet standing there waiting. Have a great day Allison!

Nadja Magdalena said...

Wow...neat gadget! If I could afford one of those, you bet I'd get one! A very posh addition to your very nice kitchen!

Journey of Truth (Sarah) said...

I didn't stop to consider the individualization! That alone makes it so worth it! Thank you for putting me to rights on the cost being a wash. I don't dump coffee any longer because I downsized to the four cup dorm room pot. Still. I'd like to have one of those machines - there's a Costco or two on Oahu . . . . and with other commentors buying hints, I just might crack!!

Christine said...

I would love love love that machine!

Cute kiddos!

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