The coming, "generated crisis" !

11:58 AM
Why are they making these predictions? It feels like a set-up. As reported on ABC

Go to and search under January 21 22 crisis to see Colin Powel and Biden speaking of a generated crisis that will happen today, tomorrow or in the next 6 months. How do they know?

There are even videos of troops on alert in America for Marshal Law, New World Order.

We need to pray for the March for Life tomorrow, the 22nd.

We need to pray... Pray.


Nadja Magdalena said...


Sarah (JOT) said...

Well, as much as I hate to quote Martin Luther: I'm going to go plant a tree. It pretty much translates as: trust. Trust in God that I've been willing to labour and get on my knees for His blessing of rain . . . God help this country! Did we just elect George Orwell or something? 1984 anyone?

Our Catholic Family said...

Zbigniew Brzezinski

He is the man that is pulling the string in this administration. Or, so the insiders say. He is an older fellow (born 1928) and was foreign policy advisor for Jimmy Carter.

I believe these guys have some interesting ideas. From Obamas refrence in his acceptance speech in Novemeber - that refrence to the Constituion. As if it was flawed. I believe this is an indoctrination from Zbigniew Brzezinski. This Zbi guy is interesting to say the least (google him sometime).

I know Melissa from MN posted in her blog about a snip-it on Fox News about giving jobs to the uneducated. I think we can see things shaping up. I hope the backlash stops these things.

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