"Make it nice...make it even" ~ love this Christmas tree video

11:07 AM
We found it last year and we watch it all the time...maybe too much. It's funny, but wish we could extract two colorful words, *WARNING*)


Cecilia said...

Thanks... that was funny! God bless!

Christine said...

That was great....I laughed. Am I like that?????? I do like my tree??!!!??!!!

+JMJ+ said...

I think the test is, Christine, do you walk around saying all these lines the moment a "tree" is mentioned.

Even my kids do that now! :)

Melissa said...

That was hilarious. I even know someone just like that - minus the crazy hair. Too funny.

Jamie said...

That was hilarious!! Was that Christine with Red hair?

Just kidding!

Thanks for the laugh!
Reminds us to lighten up!!

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