USCCB meeting November 9th & 10th - wake up call

5:33 PM
Dear Bishops,

Please consider this, from Catholic News Service when the USCCB meets this Sunday and Monday.

Based on Catholic population, Obama won in 12 of the 15 most populous Catholic states. McCain took Texas (third most populous), Louisiana (13th) and Arizona (15th), but Obama captured California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Connecticut and Minnesota.

By the other measure, percentage of the population that is Catholic — which includes smaller states — Out of the top 15 of those states, Obama swept 11: Rhode Island (the nation’s only Catholic-majority state at 59.5 percent), Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Nevada, Illinois, Delaware, Wisconsin, California, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

We need better, more effective religious education and faith formation...of adult Catholics. Shepherds need to see that their flock is divided, choosing paths erroneous to Catholic teaching.


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