As we prepare to prepare


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for these links. I intend to celebrate Advent with the children for the first time this year... though we've been Christians for many years!

My scrupulosity extends to almost every area of my Catholic walk, unfortunately. Up until recently, I've been terribly worried about "doing" things "incorrectly." This extended to my recitation of the Rosary, as well.

BUT, by God's glorious grace, I'm moving beyond my perfectionism and jumping in. God knows my intentions and I'm certain He will not mind if I fumble a bit in learning.

+JMJ+ said...

Hi Jennifer!
It's actually what I find exciting AND humbling about being a Catholic. We're always learning.

Sometimes, I wish there was more unity in direction we recieve. For instance, this was the first time I had heard that all these years I've been "celebrating" a bit too earlier. In the richness of tradition, this is a more somber time and the celebrating should be at Christmas and Christmas is not Advent. I'm rushing it, following the crowd. And yet I do remember my grandmother telling me that they used to decorate the tree on Christmas eve.

No surprise that commercialism and "the world" have changed that tradition to engage us in a distraction from the spirit of the season.

Every year I seek to make Christmas more holy and I often find that opposes me quite sharply from societies expectations.

As for scrupulousity we all vacilate on that one. I believe we have a book on the subject. I'll ask my husband what he thought of it, as I have not read it, and I'll let you know his feedback.

You impress me as someone who has a heart that seeks to know, love and serve the Lord and from that place of goodness your motivation would not be suspect. You're not choosing to do something wrong, you're learning your way.

Let's keep praying for The Truth and God's graces.

Lisa said...

I love fisheaters! Thanks for the Links. It is time to prepare to prepare...Already!

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