Fast and Pray!

9:07 AM
My daughter's Godfather wrote this and sent it to me and newspapers. Let us all pray and sacrifice in these days leading to the election!

"Have we even considered what may be the most important issue to restoring America’s financial prosperity?

If there is a God, we may not restore our prosperity unless we choose a path that is not being widely considered.

Citing political correctness, we have ripped God from our culture. Except in distress (9/11) we are embarrassed to be associated with God.

Separation of church and state is justifiable you reply – He doesn’t mind we take other gods beside Him … but scripture says God will honor those who honor God.

The only way to honor God is by obeying His commandments. We debate who would be God’s candidate, (Obama has voted against protecting children from infanticide (not abortion) three times, while McCain supports the war in Iraq) but two points are clear: 1) We offend God by disregarding His commandments, 2) These candidates place us at a fork in our history. How can we justify His favor?

The only path is repentance. Caritas of Alabama invites us to a nine day fast on bread and water. This seems impossible but when considering those who paid the ultimate price, how can we not try? To be clear: 1) This fast is to offer repentance, and ask God’s wisdom in the elections (no matter who His candidates!) 2) The reason for fasting is that intense repentance has softened God’s heart throughout scripture.

Before dismissing your impact, consider Leviticus 26 that describes how 100 people in prayer “can put 10,000 to flight”... or how just one person in prayer can offset dozens.

The fast is October 27th through election day. For most this will be the first major sacrifice of our lives for America - our nation is in dire need. Liberals and conservatives – Let’s seek His wisdom. Please reprint and share this invitation

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